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CALRO Mission Statement

California law enforcement and professionalism are synonymous. Technological advances have enabled law enforcement agencies to further their objectives toward this professional status.

One area of responsibility, which remains critical and in need of a more sophisticated approach is the role of law enforcement during labor disputes between organized labor and management.

Too often, law enforcement is criticized for over-reacting or failing to take appropriate action during labor disputes. The function of law enforcement varies during labor disputes, and the need exists for a uniformity of purpose, policy and objectives.

The California Association of Labor Relations Officers Inc. (CALRO) is a non-profit organization made up of individual law enforcement officers from throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. CALRO provides training regarding the handling of labor disputes in an impartial and professional manner. CALRO hosts yearly training seminars where current issues regarding labor disputes are discussed, as well as the latest case law in trespassing / public access rights.