Labor Relations Training for Officers

Creating working relationships between labor, business, and law enforcement.

"We are very saddened to announce the 2020 CALRO Seminar has been canceled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We hope to see everyone return in 2021."

Labor Relations Training Helps Officers

  • Provides an understanding of applicable case law, Constitutional law, and methods of handling incidents

  • Establishes cooperative relationships between officers, unions, and business management

  • Reduces department and individual liability issues when handling First Amendment and labor issues


I wish I could say that things are going the way they should be.  We are currently in a state of total political and social confusion.  We teeter at the edge of loss of many privileges guaranteed by the Constitution.  No single group of people, divided by race, sex, class, or any belief will fairly…
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CALRO Training Conference for 2020 – Possibly Rescheduled

We will be closely monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. Should the heightened concerns continue in regards to groups of people or large gatherings, consideration may be given to reschedule the conference. We will know more by mid-April. Stay tuned!
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