Labor Relations Training for Officers

Creating working relationships between labor, business, and law enforcement.

Labor Relations Training Helps Officers

  • Provides an understanding of applicable case law, Constitutional law, and methods of handling incidents

  • Establishes cooperative relationships between officers, unions, and business management

  • Reduces department and individual liability issues when handling First Amendment and labor issues

Changing Paths (First Amendment Audits)

So recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with a local (Southern California) auditor.  This particular auditor caught my attention due to their work in the area, and their approach to handling First Amendment audits.  I recognized their professional approach to this emerging field, and their ability to educate through, what…
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First Amendment Audits; from Protagonist to Antagonist

  The early beginnings of the First Amendment Audit movement were mainly aimed at police.  Auditors were either silent or very cooperative and polite, as to not incite any type of police action.  During the early stages, these audits shocked the conscious of the public due to the police over-reacting to a cordial and professional…
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