I wish I could say that things are going the way they should be.  We are currently in a state of total political and social confusion.  We teeter at the edge of loss of many privileges guaranteed by the Constitution.  No single group of people, divided by race, sex, class, or any belief will fairly win out at the end of this.  Until consideration for the suppressed rights of ALL are considered, we all risk losing out.

I just read that a federal judge blocked the requirement that the press and "legal" observers must clear an unlawful assembly once ordered by police.  The biggest risk here is clear.  Riotous actors will simply switch sides and take a new role.  For the many true press that are covering these moments in history there is a risk.  The purpose of free press will become tainted with the ill-will of the anarchy driven actors out with violence and destruction in mind.  People on all sides will be hurt.

Law enforcement simply cannot differentiate between peaceful protesters in a large crowd and violent individuals hell-bent on sabotaging Constitutionally protected acts.

Americans need to stand now, together and work toward supporting each other.  There is no good end to this country currently divided.

When you ban ANY speech, you ban FREE speech.


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