First Amendment Audits; from Protagonist to Antagonist


The early beginnings of the First Amendment Audit movement were mainly aimed at police.  Auditors were either silent or very cooperative and polite, as to not incite any type of police action.  During the early stages, these audits shocked the conscious of the public due to the police over-reacting to a cordial and professional auditor.  The purpose of the audit was almost always in sight, and educating the police and public was clear.  But some have changed behaviors.

In reviewing audits on YouTube lately, I have seen a movement of highly aggressive, foul mouthed, and confrontational auditors moving in on not only public agencies, but private persons business.  Aggressive tactics and antagonistic behavior is now yielding shocking confrontations between auditors and the general public.  It seems that these auditors (I wont mention any names) are trying to trigger emotional and negative responses from those who likely used to support their mission; education.  Now, comments on their pages range from outright disdain from those who hate government and police, to negative feedback from others who dislike the approach of the auditor.  A divide is now occurring.

I hope that the good auditors, and there are many still out there working professionally, are going to keep their audits professional. Others who seem to play for the “likes” on YouTube appear to be in it for money more than education. I have always supported the auditors and their mission but now, warily advise those swaying into the confrontational and negative role, to return to the purpose you started and clean it up.  You were way more convincing with kindness.


Sergeant Brett

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Sergeant Ryan Brett

Sergeant Ryan Brett is the Vice President of CALRO and works for the Corona Police Department in Riverside County, California.

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  1. Alexander Kelley on March 17, 2021 at 4:39 am

    There needs to be a law passed to counter these 1st Amendment Frauditors from acting like assholes to the public and to the police for the sole reason to cause a negative reaction and sometimes ruins business or someone’s career. They’re hiding behind the Constitution and acting like they’re the Press, or some kind of News Media (which they are clearly not) to basically harass businesses to try and Sue somebody for financial gain.

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