2018 CALRO Conference is a WRAP!

            The annual California Association of Labor Relations Officer’s labor training was a great success this year.  The conference was held at the amazing Omni Rancho Las Palmas Hotel in Rancho Mirage, California.  Attendees received two days of training in labor disputes and protected speech type demonstrations, solicitors, and other…

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National Walkout

  First Amendment right to express in action: On March 14th, schools across this great nation allowed for students to walk out in support of and to bring awareness to school violence and gun violence.  This was a clear demonstration of the First Amendment in action, and I personally think that the districts who allowed…

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The Labor Injunction

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Deprived of the criminal law as a weapon to use against labor, employers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries resorted to the courts for a different kind of assistance: the injunction. An injunction is an order from a court requiring some one to do something or to refrain from doing something.  If the person under…

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First Amendment – Give and Take

Recently, a group of immigrant rights supporters clashed with pro Trump supporters in the City of Corona.  Both sides were legally within their rights to demonstrate and pass their word.  One side had an amplified loud speaker powered by a generator to project music and speech.  The other side brought bull horns, and used them…

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Are you ready for unrest?

  Today I was browsing an internet news feed and saw some potentially alarming calls for action against local city government. These people were calling for others to attend planned demonstrations in major cities across America.  What were they suggesting that is alarming?  They weren’t calling on the many good people willing to exercise their Constitutional rights to…

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First Amendment Audits: Federal Buildings

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As if it wasn’t enough to have First Amendment Audits landing in the front lots of our police stations, we are now responding more and more to these audits involving other locations of concern, such as schools, post offices, and federal buildings.  How should your agency respond to these issues? Overall, we appear to be…

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First Amendment Audits and How to Respond

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Recently there have been instances popping up all over social media regarding “First Amendment Audits” of law enforcement and government buildings and practices.  The entire focus of these audits is to judge the proper (or often improper) response of law enforcement to the presence of a cameraman.  The hopes of some auditors is to have…

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Anarchist Groups Infiltrating Peaceful Protests

In recent times, peaceful protests and demonstrations have been marred by violence and political agendas of various anti-government, anti-fascist, and anti-capitalist groups.  Call them what you like, anarchists, ANTIFA, Black Bloc, or any other title adopted by these groups, their mission is simple; disrupt peaceful protest with intimidation, property damage, and violence.  As seen in…

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