The President's Message


The California Association of Labor Relations Officers is committed to training and sharing information among law enforcement professionals regionally, and to developing relationships between law enforcement, labor groups, and management teams.

A Message from the President

Thank you for your interest in the California Association of Labor Relations Officers. As a group, we pride ourselves on providing training and guidance in some of the most challenging situations experienced in law enforcement. The neutrality required to successfully migrate a labor issue, or the proper handling of expressive activity type calls is our focus. We are dedicated to preparing you to protect yourself and your organization by sharing with you professional experience and case law updates as they relate to our field of work.

Your participation is vital to the success of our CALRO program. We share information and events as they happen and grow from each other’s experiences. CALRO is moving quickly into new territory, as First Amendment Audits gain popularity, immigration rights protests expand, and new challenges emerge in labor practice.

As president, I commit to keeping CALRO current, active, and ahead of emerging cases in relation to labor and expressive activity. We are thankful for your participation and look forward to the future and all it’s challenges.

CALRO President

Sergeant Ryan Brett